Thermal Systems

“Contactless technology to ensure the highest levels of safety and speed”

Integrate Apsiyon with advanced Thermal Systems to benefit from ultimate automation and to monitor common areas without any human contact.

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What Can You Do with Thermal Systems?

Enable Contactless Access

With the face recognition feature, you can provide contact-free and hygienic access.

Measure Body Temperature

You can remotely measure the visitors’ body temperature and keep the gates under control.

Control the use of masks

You can automatically monitor the use of masks at the time of entry.

Define Alarms for Unauthorized Passes

In case of high body temperature detection or in situations where the access is restricted, you can ensure a personalized alarm is triggered.

Prevent False Alarms

The face recognition feature supported with artificial intelligence, will ensure that false alarms originating from non-targeted objects are disabled.

Apsiyon Thermal Systems

What are the advantages?

Apsiyon Thermal Systems
  • checkedMinimizes the entry and exit times thanks to the contact-free access.
  • checkedYou can choose from two different models: one with a 6.000 and another one with a 50.000 face capacity.
  • checkedPrecision is ± 0.5?.

How does it operate?


Set up the system at the access points

Make sure that passes are made through the installed thermal systems.


Measure Body Temperature

Automatically measure body temperature at the time of the pass.


Identify Potential Threats

Generate an alarm for the persons who are detected to have high body temperature.


Referral to a Health Institution

Direct the visitors who are pre-screened by the available medical equipment to a health institution.

Why You Should Work with Apsiyon?


Free on-site Analysis

We provide free on-site inspections and analyze your requirements.


Easy Installation

We will install the system easily and in the shortest time, so you will save time.


Turnkey Service

You just need to decide to use it! We will take care of the rest.


Round-the-clock Support

Support whenever and wherever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the thermal scanning systems be used?

The thermal scanning systems can be set up in any area of the property where there is a high visitor traffic.

What are the advantages of the thermal scanning systems?

The thermal scanning systems will monitor speicifed temperature levels in high traffic areas and minimize any potential safety breach.

How can I get detailed information about Apsiyon products and services?

You can fill out the contact forms on our website, send an e-mail or call us at 0 (216) 911 87 77.


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