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Apsis is an all-in-one software built for property managers, professional or not, yearning for a better service in their communities.







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Property Managers

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Easy To Use Features

Apsis is super easy to use. It is secure and reliable with one of the most efficient onboarding processes in the market.


Migrate your existing data into Apsis with just a few clicks.

Apsis CRM

Streamlined, easy-to-use software that can help you start managing your property in no time.

Apsis Finance

Upload, reconcile, track financial transactions and manage dues and expenses.

Apsis Maintenance

Visiualize, schedule, communicate and plan your workload with an integrated calendar and a virtual data room.

Apsis Planner

Visiualize, schedule, communicate and plan your workload with an integrated calendar and a virtual data room.

Apsis Communication

Personalize and group your communication with residents through E-mail and SMS.

Apsiyon Apsis
Professional Website

Apsis Website

Create a tailored website for your property and allow access to approved users.

User & Unit Registration - CRM

Apsis Mobile for Residents

Let your residents enjoy the benefits of a bespoke mobile app, allowing them to complete essentail orders and access crucial information.

With features such as encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and two-factor authentication, Apsis conveniently protects your data, only allowing access to users you authorize.

Advantages Of Becoming An Apsis User

Apsiyon for Residents

Technology focused on Convenience

We are industry experts and recognize your needs. We strive to develop products that enable an all-in-one property management platform.

Apsiyon for Residents

Innovative Solutions

We are continuously working to achieve the best. We produce solutions focused solely on the needs of property managers and the residents.

Apsiyon for Residents

Continuous Customer Support

Our professional customer service respresentatives are always there to solve problems and make property management a bliss.

Who Can Benefit From Apsis?

Professional Website

Property Managers

Easily manage your property or community on a single screen. Keep track of your building`s financials. Easily analyze your work with reporting tools.

User & Unit Registration - CRM


Easily check the details on your dues. Receive alerts and access important community announcements. Communicate with your manager anytime.

Bespoke Mobile Application for Residents

Residents enjoy the privileges of a bespoke mobile application with Apsis Mobile. Check account information, communicate with the management and receive residential updates on the app.

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Apsis is an all-in-one paltform that helps property managers gain complete digital control of their responsibilities.

Apsis by Apsiyon, All-in-one simple property management.

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About Us

About Us

Apsiyon is one of the fastest-growing property management technology companies in Europe, servicing over 1m units.

Our property management software solutions provide property managers with a system of record to automate essential business processes. It enables a system of engagement to enhance business interactions between our customers, their clients and other stakeholders. Apsiyon is a digital hub designed to service the necessities of daily urban life.

Our software solutions are designed to work across multiple devices and operating systems.

About Us

Apsiyon was established in 2012 by 3 co-founders to ease the hurdles of property management with all-in-one on-the-go software platforms.

Today we are a team of over 170, making sure you receive the best property management software avaiable in the market.

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