Hello, I am ADA Apsiyon Digital Assistant

How can I help you?

Managers and residents get all the information about their property from ADA. ADA, your artificial intelligence-supported digital assistant, responds to everything instantly!

What are ADA's Abilities?


You can use ADA on WhatsApp.


ADA provides support to you in all languages.


You can communicate uninterruptedly 24/7.


You can enable ADA to respond to emails sent by your residents to the management. 


You can utilize ADA's voice call feature.


You can accelerate your management processes.


You can ensure faster and more efficient management of processes by automating them with artificial intelligence.   


You can reduce the time and manpower spent on completing your tasks.  


You can reduce problems arising from human errors and enable tasks to be carried out automatically. 

What Can
You Do With ADA?

Property Managers

Can connect your email account and enable ADA to respond to incoming emails to the management.

Can generate solutions for many issues, communicated in written and spoken forms with ADA.

Can choose one of ADA's voice tones and ensure that personalized informative messages for the residents are read to the respective resident.

+90 850 2774966

+90 850 APSIYON


Residents can get balance information.

Residents can access the payment link for dues and invoice payments via card.

They can find solutions to the questions communicated in written and spoken form with ADA.

Can create new requests for property management, receive a list of tasks requested from management, and inquire about the status of their requests.


Future with ADA

Features you can find in ADA very soon...

Reservation cancellation Shipping delivery tracking Visitor inquiry Availability of facilities Reservation of shared facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Apsiyon Digital Assistant: ADA?

Apsiyon's Digital Assistant ADA is a product of artificial intelligence technology. It integrates technology into all management processes of properties. With ADA, residents can inquire about their dues and invoice balances, open work requests to the property management, essentially get 24/7 support on all matters related to their property. Managers, on the other hand, achieve significant time and labor savings through AI assistant ADA.

Who can use Apsiyon Digital Assistant: ADA? 

Apsiyon Digital Assistant: ADA can be used by property managers, professional management companies and residents.

How can I use Apsiyon Digital Assistant: ADA? 

You can start talking to your AI Assistant ADA on +90 850 277 49 66 / +90 850 APSIYON. You can ask ADA your questions in written and voice messages via WhatsApp. You can get support from ADA in all world languages 24/7. ADA responds to messages sent by flat owners, tenants and residents through the phone numbers registered with Apsiyon.

How can I obtain detailed information about Apsiyon products and services? 

If you need support or obtan detailed information about Apsiyon products and services, you can fill out the contact forms on our website. Also, you can contact us via +90 (216) 911 87 77 or by sending an e-mail to destek@apsiyon.com.