Electronic Security Systems

Monitor all your security needs with Apsiyon!

Apsiyon Electronic Security Systems

License Plate Recognition System

Ensure automatic access to registered vehicles by scanning the license plates at the entry and exit points.

Apsiyon Electronic Security Systems

Card Pass System

Provide access to residents and visitors with encrypted personalized magnetic cards.

Apsiyon Electronic Security Systems

Fast Pass System - (HGS)

Reduce the access times with the HGS System equipped with an antenna, a panel, a tollbar at the entrance and exit points and with unique tags designed for the vehicles.

Apsiyon Electronic Security Systems

CCTV System

Monitor designated areas with cameras and minimize breach in and around the property.

Apsiyon Electronic Security Systems

Telephone Switchboard System

Greet residents calling the management office with your personalized recording. Lighten the phone traffic by offering automated call services.

Apsiyon Electronic Security Systems

QR Pass System

QR Code Pass System enables residents, building employee, guests and couriers to access doors safely without using any physical cards.

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Yaşam Sitesi


Yaşam Sitesi

Apsiyon is constantly improving, and we are happy to work extensively to align our property with today's conditions and take advantage of these improvements.

Practical, fast and budget-friendly, Apsiyon Apsis addresses all vital aspects of community management.



Ege Bilkent Community

Apsiyon Apsis' sleek and modern interface offers a practical shortcut to otherwise lengthy processes.

Muhammet AYTEN

Muhammet AYTEN

Arslan Social Services

Apsiyon is the go-to-address for experienced community managers, offering professional service and a cadre of highly qualified staff.



Major Kurtköy Community Manager

21,959 satisfied customers rely on Apsiyon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make use of Apsiyon?

For those who want to perform a more professional and efficient management. Corporate Companies Offering Professional Management Services: Professional management companies providing management services to collective living spaces as well as construction companies offering management services to their own projects with their own professional management companies increase their brand value, thanks to Apsiyon. They manage all projects by viewing them on a single screen through Apsiyon. They can get information about profitability, work list and financial activities. Even though the number of building blocks they manage increases, they continue to manage the system transparently and reliably by defining unlimited number of users, without additional license and hardware costs. They can show the management quality as a reference for new project sales. Independent Apartment and building Complex Management: They bring together all the services they offer to the apartment residents on a single platform with Apsiyon. By this means, building complex management provides more efficiency. Board of Directors work with a transparency where the apartment owners, managers and auditors can access central data at any time.

Why should I choose Apsiyon?

You should choose Apsiyon if you would like to support your management business with an all-in-one contemporary, flexible and reliable software platform. Be aware of hidden costs when you compare Apsiyon with other property management software solutions. For example; when you use a product that does not have banking integrations, you will be stuck with manual bank reconciliations that will take hours from your time. Let's say you wish to have a website prepared. The design and the integration alone will take days and a considerable portion of your budget. Apsiyon eliminates all these hidden costs to offer you the extra time and efficiency you need to run a good management business.

What is Apsiyon and what advantages does it offer?

Apsiyon is an auxiliary platform providing digital services for the managers of community living space such as building complexes, residences and business centers.

Where can I reach for support?

If you need support or have a question regarding our application, you can contact us via +90 (216) 911 87 77 or by sending an e-mail to destek@apsiyon.com.

Which banks does Apsiyon integrate with?

Apsiyon can integrate with all the banks based in Turkey.


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