QR Pass System

Speed up living space access with QR Code!

Thanks to the QR Pass System, residents, visitors and couriers can use the Apsiyon mobile app to pass safely and card-free through the doors and turnstiles with a QR code sent to their phones.

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What does the QR Pass System offer?

Features of Apsiyon

Pass control

Ensure a safe environment by controlling the passes, gain speed in the access control.

Features of Apsiyon

Customize controls

With the authorization feature, enable designated individuals to pass through the specified points and open designated doors.

Features of Apsiyon

Registration & reporting

Easily perform retrospective checks with registration and reporting features.

Features of Apsiyon

Generate an alarm

Authorize couriers with limited time. Have the system generate alarms for users who fail to check out within the specified time.

What are the advantages?

  • checked It allows residents, employees, visitors and couriers to check in and out of the property without using cards.
  • checked Residents can enjoy convenient and card-free pass, just using the Apsiyon Mobile App. Visitors can check in with a QR code sent by SMS.
  • checked After the visitors are registered at the main gate, their ID cards will be returned.
  • checked The visitor, who is sent a QR code by SMS to the phone number received during registration, will be given permission to pass through the designated doors and turnstiles. No need to provide a visitor card.
  • checked The duration of QR codes, sent via SMS, is determined according to need for security purposes. You can pass safely within the specified time.
  • checked The authorization feature allows designated people to pass through certain crossing points and open certain doors.
  • checked It provides a safe environment by controlling access.
  • checked Easily perform retrospective checks with registration and reporting.
Remote Meter Reading Authorization

Why should You Work with Apsiyon?

Apsiyon Remote Meter Reading

Free Exploration & Needs Analysis

We will come to the place where the system will be installed, conduct detailed explorations, and analyze your needs.

Apsiyon Remote Meter Reading

Easy Installation

We will install the QR Pass System easily and shortly, you will save time.

Apsiyon Remote Meter Reading

Turnkey Service

You just need to decide to use it! We will handle all the processes, from beginning to end!

Apsiyon Remote Meter Reading

Uninterrupted Support

Even after you start using the system, we will provide support whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QR Pass System?

The QR Pass System is an Apsiyon solution that allows residents, employees, visitors, and couriers to pass through the gates safely without the need for cards, using the QR codes created specifically for them.

Where is the QR Pass System used?

It can be used at the gates and turnstiles of a property.

How to determine the quote for the QR Pass System?

The requirements at the properties where the QR Pass System will be deployed are determined following the feasibility process conducted by our technical team. The requirements and requests of living spaces, including the number of gates and turnstiles at a property, have an impact on the quote.

What is the biggest advantage of the QR Pass System?

The QR Pass System provides a secure environment by controlling access. It allows residents, staff, visitors, and couriers to enter and exit the property without the need for cards. Thanks to this system, residents can easily pass through without using a card.

How does the QR Pass System work?

All you need to do is determine which access card the QR Pass System will be connected to. This way, your residents identified on the system can access the property via the Apsiyon Mobile App with a single touch, rather than using physical cards. Staff, visitors, and couriers, on the other hand, can access by using an instant QR code sent to them via SMS.

Can I use the QR Pass System even if I am not an Apsiyon customer?

The QR Pass System is a product that works in integration with Apsiyon. You can access this system through the Apsiyon Manager Mobile and Apsiyon Manager Panel. 

How can I get detailed information about the QR Pass System?

For detailed information, please fill out the contact forms on our website or send an email to info@apsiyon.com or contact us by calling +90 (216) 911 87 77.