CCTV System (Closed Circuit Television System)

Keep your community on watch
and boost its security with
the CCTV system.

Maximize security with real-time visual coverage and extended recording with Apsiyon’s integrated CCTV System.

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What Can You Do with the CCTV System?


Authorized users can view the images received from the cameras real-time. The recorded footage is stored on the hard drive. The footage can be re-watched when needed.

Record Voices

Based on your preference, you have the option to record sounds by placing microphones on the cameras.

Personalized Detectors

Detectors can be activated to set off alarms in case of any border violations. The smart detectors have the ability to differentiate between human, animal and plants to specify the type of movement and set off the alarm accordingly.


Only the users authorized on the Apsiyon platform can access the CCTV images. You can authorize people who can access the footage.

Apsiyon CCTV

What are the advantages?

Closed-Circuit Television System
  • checkedThe system is completely secured and works on a closed circuit, allowing access to and transfer between the authorized users in the network
  • checkedThe integrated system monitors and records the images instantly on the platform.
  • checkedApsiyon’s CCTV system will help you maximize security with the support of our professional technicians.

How does it operate?

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Define the Zones

Define the locations of the cameras that will monitor the target zones within the property.

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Register the Equipment

Install and register all the equipment used in the system.

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Start Monitoring

Monitor all designated areas and parking lots from a single center in real-time.

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System


Give authorization to users to access the platform via the mobile app or the web.

Why should You Work with Apsiyon?

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Free on-site Analysis

We provide free on-site inspections and analyze your requirements.

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Easy Installation

We will provide you an instant turnkey service, covering the design, installation and the operational tests.

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Turnkey Service

You just need to decide to use it! We will take care of the rest.

Apsiyon Closed-Circuit Television System

Round-the-clock Support

Support whenever and wherever you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the CCTV System be used?

The CCTV System should be integrated in commons areas that require surveillance within the residential or commerical properties.

How can I get detailed information about Apsiyon products and services?

You can fill out the contact forms on our website, send an e-mail or call us at 0 (216) 911 87 77.

How can you get a quote for the CCTV System?

We will dispatch the Apsiyon Technical team to your property for a free inspection once you make an inquiry. The team will then be able to prepare a tailored quotation for your needs.


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