Apsiyon Membership Process

Membership Process
for Apsiyon, The
Apartment and Site
Management Software

Apsiyon provides a comprehensive cloud-based digital management platform catering to community managers, offering end-to-end 360-degree services from CRM to financial management, communication to online reservations, maintenance and repair tracking to digital security systems. This platform facilitates all these processes through technology, serving as an integrated solution for collective property administrators.


How to Become a Member of apsiyon.com?

If you are not yet a member of Apsiyon, please register by
entering your phone number and confirming permissions

Login to apsiyon.com with Two-Step Verification

When logging into your account, in addition to user name and password verification, a verification code will be sent to your registered phone number
in the system. This verification code is necessary for the security measure that keeps your information registered with Apsiyon highly protected.

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Step 1

Accessing the "LOGIN" Button on the Home Page of apsiyon.com. If you already have an existing account, enter the email address or phone number associated with your account into the system and enter your password.

Products Tailored for Your Needs

Step 2

Enter the security code sent to your registered phone number in the SMS into the system, and click "Continue."

The security of your Apsiyon account is protected through two-step verification.

What to Expect After Becoming a Member?

After becoming a member of Apsiyon, users receive software support for the management processes of
collective properties such as apartments, residential buildings, gated communities and business centers.

Products Tailored for Your Needs

Property Managemen

Apsiyon provides various tools for community and apartment management. Through these tools, users can easily manage processes such as building expenses, collection of dues, job tracking and communication.

Innovative Solutions

Accounting and Financial Managemen

Apsiyon specifically provides an infrastructure focused on the secure tracking of payments, especially for accounting and financial management in residential buildings, gated communities and apartments. Users can easily monitor payments, generate invoices and access financial reports through the platform.

Continuous Customer Support

Communication and Notifications

Apsiyon provides a robust communication tool to facilitate communication between property management and property owners, tenants and residents. This allows users to make announcements, send mass messages and interact with all residents easily.

Industry Training and Workshops

Security and Control

Apsiyon offers various solutions for security measures and access control. Some of these include the Patrol Monitoring System, QR Pass System, Phone Switchboard System, and License Plate Reading System These systems contribute to making living spaces much safer and easily traceable.

Industry Training and Workshops

Documentation and Information Storage

Thanks to Cloud Technology, all information, documents, and records defined in Apsiyon are securely stored. These documents may include minutes of general assembly meetings, apartment regulations, building rules, business projects or information related to property owners and tenants.

Industry Training and Workshops

Online Support and Training

Users are provided with training about the usege of the platform. Additionally, all users can find answers to questions related to Property Ownership Law, management plans, neighbor rights, noise regulations, year-end management procedures, and site management.

Apsiyon - Apartment and Site Management Software

Apsiyon is a comprehensive online management platform that provides property managers with 360-degree services for the easy administration of collective properties such as apartments, residential sites, residences, shopping malls, and business centers. It offers transparency to residents, ensuring a practical and efficient approach to management.

As Turkey's national software, Apsiyon delivers tailored solutions to meet various needs through services such as the Patrol Monitoring System, Maintenance and Repair System, License Plate Recognition System, Remote Meter Reading and Billing System, Card Pass System, and QR Pass System. These services, along with hardware developed in its own Research and Development center, contribute to Apsiyon's commitment to addressing the diverse requirements of property management.


Features of Properties Using Apsiyon in Property Management

  • checkedManagers easily track and oversee daily operations.
  • checkedIt automates collection processes and maintenance request tracking, providing time and workforce savings.
  • checkedThrough Apsiyon Mobile and Manager Mobile applications, it facilitates the tasks and communication of residents and property managements.
  • checkedApsiyon adapts artificial intelligence and machine learning to property management processes through the Apsiyon Digital Assistant “ADA”.
  • checkedIt enables residents to manage their work and maintenance requests and payments quickly and automatically.
  • checkedIt contributes to more efficient management of on-site operations for management company employees.

Apsiyon Software Usage In The World

Apsiyon, operating in the facility management sector since 2012, is currently utilized in a total of 7 countries, namely Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia.