Visitor Logs

With Apsiyon, it is extremely easy to keep track of the entering and exiting guests and vehicles!

Visitor Logs is a free system that facilitates the passage and reporting of guests and vehicles.

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What Can You Do with Visitor Logs?

Create Records

You can keep logs of the vehicle and license plate information of the residents.

Vehicle Entry-Exit Records

You can keep logs of vehicle entry and exit information.

Entry-Exit Report

You can export the entry-exit reports of the vehicles as an Excel file.

Detailed Guest Registration

You can record the names, surnames, and vehicle license plates of the guests on the system.


You can inform the residents of the guest logs via SMS or e-mail.

Guest Report

The guest logs report will be sent to you as an Excel file.

Apsiyon Visitor Logs
Apsiyon Visitor Logs Apsiyon Visitor Logs

Automate Vehicle Entry and Exit

Apsiyon’s License Plate Recognition System works with high-tech cameras to detect the
authorized vehicles and gives them automatic access
into the community or building.

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Göksel Ölmez

We keep the records of all logins and logouts on our website and can export reports in Excel format when needed. A system that is user-friendly and easy to keep track of.


Göksel ÖLMEZ

A Plus Seyran Residence CAM Member / Diyarbakır


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reporting capabilities on the vehicle - visitor log solution?

You can tailor the logs for any time interval and category and receive those in excel format with a few clicks.

What can you do with the vehicle - visitor log solution?

You will be able to log visitors and vehicles with detailed information such as access times, full name, vehicle type, model and license plate number.

Where can I reach for support?

If you need support or have a question regarding our application, you can contact us via +90 (216) 911 87 77 or by sending an e-mail to


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