The Delivery Tracking System

Keeping track of
deliveries is super easy with Apsiyon!

The Delivery Tracking system allows property managers and resident to store and track deliveries real time.

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What can you do with the Delivery Tracking System?

Record the whole delivery process

Allow residents to track the process on their deliveries with updates on the system from your management office.

Increase transparency on deliveries

Since the cargo processes of your residents are registered in the system, the cargoes are now much safer and listed.

Boost the communication on deliveries

You can send automatic SMS and E-mails to residents on the system regarding the status of their cargo and allow them to follow-up simultaneously.

Shorten the Process with Apsiyon’s Mobile App

You can allow residents to follow up-to-date information on their deliveries on the Apsiyon Mobile App and make the whole process even more easier for them.

The Delivery Tracking System
The Delivery Tracking System

Minimize Calls

With the proper use of the Delivery Tracking system, you can significantly decrease the calls coming from residents, requesting an update on their deliveries and reduce the workload for both parties.

The Delivery Tracking System

Maintain Social Distance

By running the delivery processes completely from Apsiyon, you can increase health and safety measures in your community, especially during a pandemic.

What Our Customers Say

Yeliz Ersoy

We carry out the whole delivery process in our community through Apsiyon. Thus, we have reduced the incoming phone traffic for deliveries to a minimum. During the pandemic, thanks to this platform, we were also able to increase our health measures.



Kardelen Property Community Association Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make use of Apsiyon?

For those who want to perform a more professional and efficient management. Corporate Companies Offering Professional Management Services: Professional management companies providing management services to collective living spaces as well as construction companies offering management services to their own projects with their own professional management companies increase their brand value, thanks to Apsiyon. They manage all projects by viewing them on a single screen through Apsiyon. They can get information about profitability, work list and financial activities. Even though the number of building blocks they manage increases, they continue to manage the system transparently and reliably by defining unlimited number of users, without additional license and hardware costs. They can show the management quality as a reference for new project sales. Independent Apartment and building Complex Management: They bring together all the services they offer to the apartment residents on a single platform with Apsiyon. By this means, building complex management provides more efficiency. Board of Directors work with a transparency where the apartment owners, managers and auditors can access central data at any time.

Is Apsiyon a regularly updated application? 

You will always use the most up-to-date version of Apsiyon, without having to pay any installation and additional fees for upgrade. With its updated structure renewed every day, Apsiyon continues its efforts to provide you with a better service.

Where can I download the app? 

You can download our app from the App Store, Google Play, and the AppGallery for free.

Is it difficult to learn how to use Apsiyon?

Apsiyon is a user-friendly application. As a manager or a user, you can perform the initial installation process through the steps in the installation section and you can proceed with your operations easily and without getting bored with its colorful structure. Apsiyon furthermore offers you training support on this subject matter.


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