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The License Plate Reading Camera System and its Benefits

Population increase in cities results in people relocating to communities and property complexes. Considering the metropolitan problems such as parking, traffic noise, insufficient parks and green areas; there are many reasons that make communities an appealing alternative but the number one motive for families to opt for community life is the need to feel secure. 
However, giving a thousand, even a few, residents and their loved ones a sense of security requires a set of different processes, which makes it a challenging and costly task. Community managers have to deal with lots of different technologies simultaneously and efficiently, for example, setting up, managing, and overseeing the pedestrian and vehicle entry and exit systems. 
This is where Security Systems come into play as budget-friendly solutions that can provide security in the most efficient way and help community associations facilitate their work and provide a safer community. These systems have been developed based on the processes that are most needed in community life and at the heart of security and include technologies that can be integrated into Apsiyon, such as license plate reading cameras, gate access, biometric identification systems, RFID vehicle access control, and CCTVs (security cameras).  

License Plate Reading Cameras for Community Association Managers 

Setting up, managing, and monitoring pedestrian and vehicle entry and exit systems are of critical importance in communities since they are mostly preferred for security reasons. For property management offices, this means a troublesome and costly task that requires simultaneous and efficient use of multiple technologies.  

Vehicle Access Control Systems for Schools, Shopping Malls, and Plazas 

The License Plate Reading Cameras developed by Apsiyon offers great advantages to users not only in buildings and communities but also in other public spaces like schools, shopping malls, and plazas.  Congestions occurring at parking lot entries due to the failure in traffic management and additional sticker costs of RFID Vehicle Access Control are the common problems of almost every car owner. Thanks to License Plate Reading Cameras, it is not possible to provide solutions and top-level security. 

What is License Plate Reading Cameras? 

License Plate Reading Cameras, one of the technologies under Security Systems, read and identify the license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot with high-resolution and motorized-lens cameras. The license plates of the vehicles entering or exiting the parking lot of the building, community, residence, shopping mall, or school are read through the cameras.  If the license plate matches the one previously registered in the system, the vehicle automatically gets granted access. License Plate Reading Cameras are also called Vehicle Access Control System or Vehicle Entry and Exit System.  

Advantages of License Plate Reading Cameras  

1. Easy Pass: License plate reading cameras allow easy pass by recognizing the vehicles with license plates registered in the system. All entries and exits are monitored on the same screen. You can create a "VIP list" for vehicles to receive alerts as they pass.  
In the parking areas of communal living spaces like buildings, communities, and residences, one unit can have multiple vehicles registered in the system. In addition, you can set a vehicle quota for each subscriber. 
2. High-Level Security: The license plate reading cameras automatically prevent unregistered cars from entering the property. In case of illegal entry by a suspicious, foreign, or unauthorized vehicle, the system raises the alarm so security measures can be taken.  
You can register the guest vehicles in the system and grant them automatic exit from the property. You can set time limits for the parking lot you want and set an alarm to go off if the vehicle exceeds the specified parking duration. 
You can create a "blacklist" for the banned vehicles and such vehicles can be prevented from entering the parking lot. All these features help you ensure a more secure living space.  
3. Saves Time: License plates get processed and match with the data registered in the system in the minimum time. 
4. Saves Money: Since the vehicles belonging to the subscribers can be easily registered in the system, there is no need to use materials such as additional passes, stickers, or remote controls, thus reducing costs. Apsiyon not only offers turn-key service to the subscribers of License Plate Reading Cameras but also provides support after the sale. There is no need for additional software. The system works based on registries made via Apsiyon and can be accessed from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Without incurring high installation costs, the monthly subscription allows you to track and control vehicle entries and exits and pay as you use the license plate reading system. 

Recognition of license plates provides the privilege to take early measures against negative consequences and take immediate action. 

License Plate Reading Cameras on Monthly Subscription 

To further popularize the License Plate Reading Cameras that have attracted great interest from community and residential property managers, Apsiyon has launched an offer that you won't want to miss. Now the customers can start a monthly subscription for the License Plate Reading Cameras. 

A More Secure Community for Residents with 360-Degree Service  

Here is the list of services provided by Apsiyon:  
First, we pay an exploratory visit to your community and analyze your needs. 
Then we install the License Plate Recognition System and provide turnkey service. 
Our high-resolution and motorized-lens cameras allow the license plate to be read from a wider angle. This feature increases the chances of successful license plate recognition and makes installation easy. 
After you buy and start using the system, we'll always be there for you. 

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