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Mobile App Features for the Residents

Mobile App Features for the Residents

Apsiyon is an online platform offering digital assistance to property management offices. Having superior features, it provides a more efficient, secure, and transparent management experience to its users. Apsiyon has a modern and smart structure with an online platform backed by the advantages of technology, Transactions can now be easily made on Apsiyon Mobile App and Apsiyon website from everywhere with internet connection, which provides a great advantage not only to the community residents but also to the managers and favored by everyone who makes transactions.  

Stay at Home, Transact at Apsiyon 

With its web-based structure, Apsiyon allows to carry out managerial activities at communities, one of the most important examples of collective life, in the healthiest and isolated way. Not only the managers but also the residents using Apsiyon can carry out their community-related transactions such as making payments, communication, inquiry on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. With Apsiyon, residents can carry out their transactions in a practical and healthy way without needing to leave their homes.  

Pay Your Rent and Dues or Monitor the Community on Mobile App 

Communities are one of the most important examples of communal life. Apsiyon makes it possible to make many managerial transactions online. All you need is an internet connection. This way, it eliminates physical contact and allows you to make transactions from home. Residents can get in contact with the management, monitor the community together with the management, and easily pay their dues and rent online via Apsiyon. Having the option to pay from home provides a great advantage as it is a healthier and more practical method, especially during these days when social isolation has become prominent. It is important to not only comply with the hygiene rules of the society but also to support each other in difficult times. Apsiyon places great importance to support its users in line with the decisions it makes with its collaborators. To this end, the commission rate has been dropped to 1.9% to ease the financial burden on the users.  

Instant Access to Any Information with Uninterrupted Service 

Communication is very significant in avoiding any disruption in the rendering of services and operations within the community and in preventing any problems that may arise. So, it is very advantageous for both the management and the community residents to have access to information about any matter quickly and in a transparent way. Apsiyon makes it very easy to communicate within the community and with the management and obtain information. As an online platform, Apsiyon allows users to get information about the matter they want from anywhere they want in a practical and reliable way. Apsiyon has a time-and-place-independent digital structure and thus provides uninterrupted service to its users, which allows for an uninterrupted experience in terms of financial transactions such as payments, work order trackings, reporting, and information flow within the community. You can achieve a more modern, efficient, and secure management experience by using Apsiyon, which offers great advantages to both the residents and the management. 

"Neighbor Network" to Help Your Neighbors or Ask for Help 

Social solidarity and assistance play a pivotal role within society. A digital management platform for collective living spaces, Apsiyon offers a guiding solution to the residents. The Neighbor Network feature creates a platform of support and solidarity among neighbors. This feature is available on the mobile app and allows especially individuals aged over 60 and residents without the chance to go out, to easily request help through the application. Residents who want to help their neighbors can respond to the request and get in contact with the request owner on the app. With the Neighbor Network feature available on the mobile application, you can help each other quickly and maintain this beautiful tradition of solidarity. 

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