Remote Meter Reading and Billing System

Individual Expense Sharing Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which regulation is taken as the reference in the cost sharing calculation?

You can reach the REGULATION ON HEATING AND SHARING SANITARY HOT WATER EXPENDITURES IN CENTRAL HEATING AND SANITARY HOT WATER SYSTEMS, Official Gazette dated 14 April 2008, numbered 26847, by clicking here.

What is a temperature-measuring device?

It is a device that measures the energy consumed by heaters, radiators and similar heating devices. It is placed in the inlet line and records the energy consumed.

What is an expense sharing certificate?

It is the certificate that shows the total cost and the distribution method for the heat or sanitary hot water usage of the buildings within the scope of the regulation no. 26847.

What is the Meter Reading System?

It is the system that digitally reads the consumption levels and enables seamless billing and notification on the management platfrom.

Is it necessary to make a calculation according to the regulation no. 26847 in the communities or buildings where expense sharing is applied or there is a an active central system?

According to the Energy Efficiency Law no. 5627, the use of heat and temperature equipment is mandatory in properties with expense sharing or equipped with a central system. Therefore, it is essential to comply with the provisions of the regulation no. 26847 in the calculation of cost sharing in buildings where these systems are utilized.

What is a central system?

It enables the distribution of the heating received from a central line to the building’s common areas and separate units.

What is a heat meter (calorimeter)? 

It is a device that measures the amount of heat energy passing through the heating line based on the flow and the temperature difference.

At the General Assembly held at our property, we unanimously decided not to use the heat measurement device. What should we do in this case?

The decision taken by the owners or the management cannot constitute an opposition to the law. That is why since the set up and the use of heat measurement devices are required by law, all contrary decisions taken will be considered null and void.

I was away from home for 15 days of the current month, but still received almost the same amount of invoices compared to the previous months. What is the reason for this?

You can check the billing period in the expense sharing certificate. In some properties, the expense sharing period is 45 days before the current date.

Although I was outside the city and there was no consumption in the apartment during the billing period, a 30% heating fee was charged on my invoice. What is the reason for this and do I have to pay this amount?

Within the scope of the regulation no. 26847 (Article 8.1.), 70% of the total heating costs are shared according to the measured heat consumption of the independent sections. 30% of the total heating expenses will be allocated according to the usage areas of the independent sections as common expenses, system losses, minimum heating and operating expenses. Therefore, even though there is no heating consumption in the independent unit, the common usage fee must be charged in accordance with the relevant regulation and this fee must be paid. The relevant article of the Property Ownership Law is as follows; Any of the other owner or the manager can file a lawsuit and initiate execution proceedings against the owner who does not pay the expense or the advance share according to the Management Plan in accordance with this law and the general provisions.

We do not want any expense sharing to be allocated for the concierge's unit. What should we do in this case?

The management can ensure that no fee is charged for the concierge's room through the Apsiyon management portal. By creating a facility under the name Concierge Room at Meter Operations > Intermediate Meters area under the Finance menu, the expense account distribution criterion of this facility can be selected as Not to be distributed.

I cannot turn off the valves on the heater cores inside the unit (0-zero position). What is the reason for this?

Within the scope of the regulation no. 26847 (Article 5.6.), the temperatures of the independent units heated by central systems must be adjusted to a minimum of 15°C. That is why the heater cores inside the unit cannot be turned off.

I have questions about some values in the expense sharing certificate. How can I get answers to these questions?

For any questions, requests and/or suggestions regarding the expense sharing certificate, you can send an e-mail to

Where can make payments?

As, our company provides services to prepare and deliver expense notifications but it is not authorized to collect payments. You can wire your payments to the management office’s bank account or use a QR Code.