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Meet the Apsiyon Mobile App!

Meet the Apsiyon Mobile App!

Have you met Apsiyon’s mobile application for residents, which offers comprehensive solutions for all the processes you will need in common living spaces such as buildings, properties, residences, business centers and shopping malls? This blog post will introduce you to the Apsiyon Mobile App. Ready? Let's get started!

Apsiyon Mobile App

With the mobile app offered by Apsiyon to residents, it is very simple to manage all processes from the mobile phone. With this app, all the processes related to your living spaces are at your fingertips! Download Apsiyon Mobile for free to make all your payments easily.

Click to download Apsiyon Mobile.

Benefits of the Apsiyon Mobile App

Apsiyon Life*

Those who log in to the Apsiyon Mobile become members of Apsiyon Life and benefit from the Free Property Assistance Package. What is Free Property Assistance Package?

Free Property Assistance Package: It is Apsiyon’s suite of benefits, offered to residents for support in case of damage, breakdown, or unexpected situations. Apsiyon Life member residents, logging into the Apsiyon Mobile App, get their expenses up to TRY 4,000 covered free of charge with the Property Assistance Package. In this way, your needs for internal electricity and internal plumbing failures, glass damage or locksmith can be met at any time in your home. For each service, twice a year, you will pay no fees for your expenses up to TRY 4,000 in total, with TRY 500 for each damage. Moreover, this benefit is valid for 1 years from the date of membership activation.


It allows you to get help among neighbors of the same property, post ads for items you’d like to sell or buy, and even carpooling. Let’s see the details together.

PinBoard enables you to:

• Do sports with your neighbors and support them. 
• Share second-hand products including residences, vehicles, electronics, clothing, and many others with your neighbors, and buy/sell/rent without even leaving your property.
• Communicate directly with your neighbors through your PinBoard posts.
• Carpool with your neighbors with a vehicle available or are looking for an available vehicle.

Exclusive Offers for you*

Apsiyon members are informed of exclusive offers and benefit from advantageous prices. Join us to become one of Apsiyon’s more than 3 million residents. Take advantage of Apsiyon’s services and opportunities.

Apsiyon Insurance

Apsiyon members can simply find and buy the most affordable insurance policy they are looking for in Apsiyon Insurance.

Click here to get individual and corporate insurance solutions with reliable insurance services.

What can you do with Apsiyon Mobile App?

Pay conveniently with Apsiyon

Make all your payments, including dues, via Apsiyon, by debit card or credit card, or in installments, if you wish. View your financial status, receipts, and statement of account.

Practical Rental Contract & Payment
Draw up your rental contract and view both your debts and payments. Enjoy paying whenever you want.

Track the Property’s Financial Status
Track the financial status of your property, view it instantly whenever you want.

Take a Closer Look at Property Management
Use Apsiyon to view and contact the people in the property management staff of your living space. Reach out to both property management and staff whenever you want. 

Participate in Surveys
Participate in the surveys shared by the property management through Apsiyon and view the progress in real-time. This way, you can have a say in the decisions for your property and easily communicate your own decision.

Welcome your visitors with Apsiyon
With Apsiyon's personalized service, register your visitors and assist them in accessing your property.

Package Tracking
Don't worry about your packages anymore. Keep your package tracking safe with Apsiyon.

Language support
Apsiyon Mobile is available in Turkish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Hungarian, Uzbek and Bulgarian language options.

Start Using the Apsiyon Mobile Now

Download the app from Google Play, App Store or AppGallery.
• Sign up and join your property with your property details and apartment number. 
• Keep track of your debts and payments.
• Pay dues and rent in installments or by direct deposit. 
• Stay informed about what's happening in your property with instant notifications. 
• Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts for Apsiyon members.

* Apsiyon Life membership and the Free Property Assistance Package within this membership, along with Exclusive Offers, are currently only applicable to Apsiyon member residents living in Turkey.

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