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A to Z Property Law and Site Management Handbook

A to Z Property Ownership Law and Site Management Handbook
Av. Hakan Ekinci
Av. Hakan EKİNCİ
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    Author : Av. Hakan EKİNCİ

    Publisher : Aristo Publishing House

    Printing : 2nd Edition

    Release Date : November, 2022

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My book "A to Z Site Management and Condominium Law", which was first published in 2020, attracted great attention and was sold out in a short time. Thank you for your great interest.

In the second edition of the book, necessary updates were made in the accompaniment of current judicial decisions, however, the most important innovation was the documents we presented to you in the appendices. For the first time, you are given the opportunity to access the documents in the APPENDIX with the QR code on the back cover of the book. Management plan, business project etc. This edition provided the opportunity to access extremely valuable information and documents for practitioners such as.

I would like to express my gratitude to Aristo Publishing House for their valuable contributions in the printing of the book, to Apsiyon, the apartment and site management platform that provided transparency to the residents, and to my dear life friend Naz HIZLI, who provided all kinds of support throughout this process.

Av. Hakan EKİNCİ