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We are one of the fastest growing property technology companies in the EMEA region.

Apsiyon is a cloud-based online platform that serves as a digital assistant for property managers servicing residential and commercial buildings, gated communities and mixed-use developments.

We enable personalized solutions on all our platforms spanning the whole property management business cycle, from finance to CRM.

Apsiyon was founded by Kudret Turk, Erkan Dogan and Meric Akdamar. We have been developping our solution since 2009 to bring people and technology together to transform how properties are managed.

Kudret Türk
Kudret Turk

Kudret has been a technology and software veteran for the past 20 years. Kudret’s tenacious leadership and people skills have been key in successfully completing critical milestones for Apsiyon such as the first online banking integration for SMEs in Turkey.

Erkan Doğan
Erkan Dogan

Like Kudret, Erkan worked as a software developer until he became a full-time entrepreneur. Erkan is the brains behind Apsiyon’s functionality and user experience. He continues to lead the teams that constantly rejuvenates the user interface based on customer feedback.

Meriç Akdamar
Meric Akdamar

Meric specializes in front-end software development and visual design. Among the 3 founders, he was the first to quit his full-time job and dedicate all his time moving Apsiyon off the ground. Meric heads the team that upgrades Apsiyon’s DNA. He is the team leader behind the curtains, making sure all the platforms are built on sustainable foundations.





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