Information Security

Information Security

All business processes of Apsiyon A.Ş. are carried out in accordance with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

In line with regulations and legal obligations arising from contracts, Apsiyon A.Ş. aims the following:

  • Ensuring information security,
  • Securing information through risk management,
  • Regularly measuring and improving information security processes,
  • Regulating the relations with third parties on matters regarding information security.
  • Our information security system has been established on the basis of the three basic elements given below:
  • Confidentiality – Preventing unauthorized access to critical information
  • Integrity – Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of information
  • Accessibility – Accessing information by authorities when required

The information security system ensures the security of not only information stored in the electronic environment but also all written, printed, oral, and other kinds of information, and it is reinforced with special process policies and procedures, as well as other security standards such as PCI DSS.

Kudret Türk İmza

  Board Member
 Chief Executive Officer

Apsiyon ISO 27001

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